Auditions for our 2022 pantomime 'Jack and the Beanstalk' will take place on the 12th June.

If you would like to audition please let Philippa Hickinbottom know on

07429 095987

The audition day will go as follows:

9:30am - Whole Cast Movement Workshop 

10:15am - Dancers Dance Audition 

11:30am - Individual Auditions

Philippa Hickinbottom will text you with your individual audition time prior to the audition day.

Please see the audition pieces below:


Dialogue | Song | Track

Dame Dotty Dimple

Dialogue | Song | Track

Simple Simon

Dialogue | Song | Track

Piccalilli The Witch

Dialogue | Song | Track

Fairy Stardust

Dialogue | Song | Track

Rancid The Ratman

Dialogue | Song | Track

King Crumble

Dialogue | Song | Track

Queen Apricot

Dialogue | Song | Track

Princess Charlotte

Dialogue | Song | Sheet Music

Snatchet & Scarper

Dialogue | Song | Track


Dialogue | Song | Track


(Song is the same as Simons audition)

Dialogue Option 1 | Dialogue Option 2 | Song | Track

Additional Info 

The timings that are on the lyrics refer to the timings in the actual song if you were listening on Spotify etc. NOT the timings in the backing tracks as the backing tracks have been cut for the actual auditions.

There’s no backing track for the Princess as Nick will be playing this on the piano due to the nature of the song.